Try Our Fitted Card Saver 1 Bags

Card Saver 1s are great. They’re spacious and perfect for grade submission. Thing is, if you’re not using them for grading, they start to look pretty scuzzy after a while – smudges, scratches, fingerprints, and the dust, my gosh the dust!

We now carry fitted bags for Card Saver 1 cases.

Fitted Card Saver 1 Bags
Fitted Card Saver 1 Bags

These fitted Card Saver 1 bags are made to suit both Ultra Pro and Cardboard Gold styles.

Say goodbye to dealing with dust and condition sensitivity; our fitted Card Saver 1 bags will help protect your cases from all the nonsense we all try to avoid as time passes.

Click here to grab a pack today.

Available in packs of 100, our fitted Card Saver 1 bags are the perfect complement to your Card Saver 1 archive. Add that extra layer of protection your collection deserves and sleep well at night knowing dust accumulation and case condition vulnerability will be kept to a minimum.

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