Santa Claus, Good Gifting, High End Topps, 2009 Bowman Draft, and More | Ep. 217

Agenda Summary: Good gift giving. McDonald’s. Topps Brooklyn Collection. 2009 Bowman Draft. 2018 Topps Holiday. Ryan Braun Superfractor. T-Mobile.

Guest: Ryan Daly

Full Agenda:

Responsibilities aren’t good gifts; Ryan has proof.

Ryan wants to frame a McDonald’s receipt.

Topps Brooklyn Collection and other high end.

2009 Bowman Draft on eBay.

2018 Topps Holiday Santa Clause 1/1 parallel closes with 23 bids at $311.99.

2005 Topps Ryan Braun Run with Superfractor listed for $1050 and doesn’t sell.

T-Mobile buys 25-year naming rights to Seattle Mariners stadium.1 Cost: $3.5M/year for 25 years = $87.5M.2


  1. Mariners sign 25-year naming rights deal with T-Mobile. ↩︎
  2. Mariners’ home facility renamed T-Mobile Park. ↩︎

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