Dr. James Beckett Content Creators Roundtable | May 22, 2021 | Ep. 268

Agenda Summary: This is a recording of the Content Creators Roundtable hosted by Dr. James Beckett at the Dallas Card Show on the evening of Saturday May 22, 2021. Dr. James Beckett invited me to enjoy the honor, privilege, and pleasure to be part of this exclusive event in a room filled with very talented people. Join us as we discuss: Content Production Strategies, the Catch-22 of producing content around items you’re still after, Managing and Augmenting the Engagement Experience, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and more. Special thanks to Dallas Card Show organizer, Kyle Robertson, for reserving the meeting room for us.

Attendees: Dr. James Beckett, Founder, Beckett Media; Eric Norton of Beckett Media; Stephan & Angela Loeffler of About The Cards; Mike Moynihan of Baseball Collector; Kin Kinsley of Bean’s Ballcard Blog; Ryan Nolan of Breakout Cards; Ivan Lovegren of The Breaks and GoGTSLive; Joshua Johnson of Card Ladder; Chris McGill of Card Ladder and House of Jordans; Kristina Thorson of Card Ladder; Rich Klein of COMC and Hobby Hotline; Bradley Jarryd of The Comeback Card Investor; James Perez of Elite Hunters; Jake Miller of JM Sports Cards; Drew Herndon of Lemme Get That Podagraph; Jay Moslehi of Mojo Sports; Mike, Videographer for Mojo Sports; Val Marz of NASCARD Radio and Hobby Hotline; Logan Ward, NASCAR Specialist; Dustin Cooley of The Personal Finance Dad; Brad Bethune of Texas Card Dude; Patrick Greenough of Radicards.com; Geoff Wilson & Kelly Frances of Sports Card Investor; John Newman of Sports Card Nation Podcast; David Lee, Sports Card Collection Advisor; Called in before meeting began: BrodyTheKid

Segment Time Stamps:

  1. 00:02: Content Creation
  2. 19:36: Transparency
  3. 38:30: Growth
  4. 55:30: Market Behavior

Entertain, Educate, Inspire

Questions to consider:

  • How am I different in my content delivery strategy?
  • Who has had a positive impact on my hobby pursuits? (not related and not part of the group)
2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Jim Beckett Promo #FF-JB Dr. Jim Beckett

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