Bob Lemke Customs Circa 2010

Frank Thomas 2010 Bob Lemke Custom #225 Vertical
Frank Thomas 2010 Bob Lemke Custom #225 Vertical

My new friend, Bob Lemke, the editor of the famous Standard Catalog Of Baseball Cards, also known as the SCD, sent me this card today and I was blown away when I first saw it. This is an example of his 2010 custom baseball cards. These are incredibly rad cards! Check it out, it’s the Big Hurt when he was the big Auburn Tight End!

Lemke’s custom cards compile a monster list of HOFers presented in novel situations i.e., depicted on classic Topps designs from decades past. The cards are essentially old pictures from when the players were in college or right as they were drafted. This one is of course my favorite, depicting Frank Thomas while he was playing football for Auburn as a Tight End circa 1986. I love this because it’s just not something you ever see. It’s an interesting take, depicting Frank Thomas wearing football fatigues in the vintage 1955 Topps Football style. While Frank made his money on the baseball field not the gridiron. However, he was a talented pig-skin tosser in college.

This being my first card depicting big Frank in Auburn tights, I thought it should be showcased. That and I love the design here, the green border adds a strong touch and it pairs well with the white outer border. On a final note, Lemke’s custom cards look and feel just like the originals. Lemke really did a magnificent job with these custom cards. You can read more about the custom cards on Bob Lemke’s blog.

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