2014 Panini Father’s Day Legends Sports Cards

2014 Panini Father's Day Legends Sports Cards
2014 Panini Father’s Day Legends Sports Cards

2014 Panini Father’s Day Legends is a 40-card multi-sport release featuring rookies and stars alike. These were available in 2-card packs at card shops around the United States. I was able to pull this 4-card run together during the later half of June, 2014. I never acquired a pack, however, as each of these singles were purchased online. I always found it interesting that two of the four cards look identical with the only difference being card thickness. Regardless of the sport you collect, 2014 Panini Father’s Day Legends is likely to peak your interest. If you player or set collect, this set presents a challenge of potential possibility. If you’re looking to pull together a 4-card run like the one shown here, here’s what to expect:

  • Base: This is the standard card of standard thickness.
  • Thick Stock: This is the same card as the base but with thicker card stock.
  • Cracked Ice: This parallel features technology used on many releases with the same title and has a print run of 25.
  • Lava Flow: This parallel features wave-like technology and has a print run of 1.

This is an interesting run of cards. The base design is simple with gradient player photos and white cardstock. While the Base and Thick Stock cards are essentially the same card, the Cracked Ice and Lava Flow have a similar look. I like the Lava Flow technology here. As you can see from the scan, in a way, it washes out the player photo. Regardless, however, these look excellent in-hand. The Cracked Ice parallel features familiar technology reminisce of that found on 1998 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractors.

If you player or set collect, 2014 Panini Father’s Day Legends sports cards might be an interesting run to chase. For obvious reasons, the Cracked Ice and Lava Flow parallels are becoming difficult to find.

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2014 Panini Father’s Day, click here.

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