The National Announces Locations and Dates for the 2023-2025 Shows

The National Sports Collectors Convention has booked the following locations to host the event over the next three years:

20237/26-30Chicago, ILDonald E. Stephens Convention Center
20247/24-28Cleveland, OHI-X Center
20257/30-8/3Chicago, ILDonald E. Stephens Convention Center
National Sports Collectors Convention

By 2025, the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center will have been used 12 times making it the most used venue for The National up to that date. This event is pretty well contained at the Chicago venue and the location has become an attendee favorite for its easy access to hotels and dining options. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend getting deep dish pizza from Giordano’s while you’re there.

The I-X Center is essentially an airport hangar that once held a Ferris Wheel with sky views.1 This venue hasn’t been used since 2018 and was shut down during the COVID pandemic but has since been renovated for a relaunch. It’s also under new management. In September of 2021, Industrial Realty Group acquired the stock of the I-X Center Corporation and began to prepare the venue for business again. The group also has plans to expand the development on the land surrounding the I-X Center, which will be renamed at some point in the future.2 These changes are expected to enhance process efficiencies at the venue.

The I-X Center is located shuttle rides away from hotels and dining options, which poses challenges to pre and post-show plans. This is the major drawback of this venue. While it would be ideal for the development plans to include putting hotels and dining options on the land that surrounds the venue, that’s unlikely to happen by 2024, which means attendees will still have to take rides to and from the venue each day.

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