Radicards® Forum Update

Way back in December of 2010, we built the Radicards® Forum but it wasn’t until August of 2011 that we formally introduced it. It’s been a long road of various development stages and database migrations. I’m proud to announce the new Radicards® Forum. The forum has been moved to a subdomain at www.forum.radicards.com. We’re all just one big brand around here so it made sense for the forum to be an extension and it’s taken on a bold new look – it’s now fully responsive!

You’ll notice that we’ve added HTTPS to the URL. What this means is that forum viewing is now done on an encrypted private connection, which adds another layer of security. More security is always a good thing.

These days, most people use their phones to do much more than just make phone calls. I wanted to make sure the forum was built around that trend to accommodate our normal behavior. The forum can now be optimally viewed on any device. Members can now very easily upload photos from their devices right into forum posts. While this is pretty intuitive, I’ve posted instructions for your reference in our Useful Information thread.

Our community is still rather small. Please feel free to be a part of it and help us build our threads. We have two great new threads:

I think I’ve mentioned our forum ranks before but here’s a revisit. The Radicards® Forum proudly offers its members forum rank badges. Members are assigned rank badges dependent on their number of posts. Users earn their first badge at 10 published posts. The more you post, the higher your rank. You can see all of the available forum ranks here. Who will be our first Emperor?

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the forum.


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