A Confused B.A.

1983 Topps A-Team #6
1983 Topps A-Team #6

Card of the Week:

1983 Topps A-Team #6

A-Team’s B.A. (Bad Attitude) Baracus, AKA, Mr. T is the gnarled character that epitomizes style and rebellion. Let’s review a few reasons why I love this card:

  1. B.A. doesn’t use a bank account, he pays with gold chains.
  2. No material is strong enough to be the sleeves on B.A.s jacket. No paper thick enough to be the ticket to this gun show.
  3. B.A. doesn’t use clippers, he cuts his hair with a table saw.
  4. B.A. just discovered that coloring books are on sale. (Comment inspired by my brother, Justin)

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