The Wasted Willie Mays 1972 Topps

Willie Mays 1972 Topps #49
Willie Mays 1972 Topps #49

I wrote about this 1972 Topps Willie Mays previously but let’s discuss it in further detail. This example of this card is in terrible condition. The tape on the top edge, the varied creases and rolled corners make this a nice addition to this category. Something else that stands out here is the off-centered and slight tilt to the cards in-frame. It adds to the totality of the vintage appearance. This card has been enjoyed, showcased even. The tape is a dead giveaway that this card was appreciated somehow on a wall or poster board but I don’t think it was displayed on a pinboard. The reason why I think that is because if one is inclined to put tape on a baseball card featuring Willie Mays, I don’t think they would think twice about piercing the card with a pin. Even if a pin hole existed, its minimal aesthetic change may make this card somewhat more desirable from the visibility standpoint.

When I got this card in a bargain bin for $3, I was happy to add it even though it would be my third copy. For $3, I simply couldn’t pass up the price for any vintage baseball card featuring The Say Hey Kid. I’ve always liked the design of the 1972 Topps Baseball set. It’s a total staple of the era. The colors and the header design featuring the team name all complete with stars accentuate the idea of the era. It’s interesting to think of the early ’70s and then see a card from the 1972 Topps Baseball set for the first time and immediately know it’s production year or thereabouts. It captures the brand image of the early ’70s so well that it’s hard to misdate it even out of estimation or assumption.

I’ve seen this card in a variety of conditions and it doesn’t matter. This card in any condition is important to the hobby. It features Willie Mays toward the end of his enormously successful career. You can tell he’s aged here. Mays will always be remembered as one of baseball’s greatest performers. No matter the condition, he’s loved and so are his baseball cards.

What’s one card you remember being popular in the 1972 Topps Baseball set?

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