Darrell Jackson 1982 Fleer #555 Variation Comparison

A reader reached out to me and shared some really interesting information about three variations of the Darrell Jackson 1982 Fleer #555.

Darrell Jackson 1982 Fleer #555 Variations
Darrell Jackson 1982 Fleer #555 Variations | Source: Brad

Brad writes:

Here is some background information on a fascinating card that seems to be very difficult to find in legitimate form. Be aware that some of the red cap with emblem cards can be mistaken for the no emblem variation when the print registration is off, causing some of the red on the cap to overlap on the white T. This may make the no emblem cards even more difficult to find once people realize this. I had one of these off-registration cards and thought it was a no emblem? card or yet a different variation until I looked closer at the entire front of the card.

Another distinguishing factor is the fact that the color of the red Is very different between red cap with emblem and red cap without emblem variations. With the red cap with emblem cards, the red is a bright red. The red on the no emblem variation is more of a light red/dark pink color.

Because the black cap, and red cap with emblem variations were discovered first and designated as 555A and 555B, the red cap without emblem was designated as 555C. However, the actual order the cards were produced in was likely 555A, 555C, then 555B. It would seem logical that the red cap no emblem variation was the original airbrush over the black cap and then the red cap with emblem airbrushing was done to make the cap look better.

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