Blaze Jordan 2022 Bowman Sterling Issued with Wrong On-Card Autograph

The swapped autograph thing has been known to sometimes happen on cards with sticker autos, but how does this happen with cards containing on-card autographs? Let’s talk about it.

Blaze Jordan 2022 Bowman Sterling w/ Manny Machado Autograph
Blaze Jordan 2022 Bowman Sterling w/ Manny Machado Autograph | Source: @CardsInfinity

Card on the right: Blaze Jordan 2022 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs #PA-BJ Blue Refractor /25 with all systems go.

Card on the left: Blaze Jordan 2022 Bowman Sterling Signage Autographs #SSA-BJ Rose Gold Refractor /5 but contains Manny Machado’s autograph.

So how does this happen?

Hypothesis A:

It’s possible that athletes are rushed to sign bricks of cards in short time frames and don’t pay much attention to what they’re signing; they just sign. If that’s the case, it could’ve been that Topps accidentally sent Manny Machado some cards of Blaze Jordan to sign, which would’ve been the result of a shipping error by Topps. Although, it doesn’t take much attention to acknowledge what you’re signing so both Topps and Manny Machado would be at fault here.

Hypothesis B:

Another thought is that this was a deliberate joke to manipulate PR, which in essence would be considered brilliant. I didn’t know who Blaze Jordan was before this happened and now I do. It’s like asking the newspaper to publish your article photo upside down. What better way to grab attention and get people talking? This could’ve been a simple instance of smart marketing.

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