2015 Finest Generations Baseball Cards

2015 Finest Generations Baseball Cards
2015 Finest Generations Baseball Cards

2015 Finest Generations baseball cards pose a fun but somewhat ambitious project to complete. The difficulty is chalked up to the existence of the Superfractor. Finest, dating back to its inaugural year in 1993, has always been a popular installment. 2015 was the first year Frank Thomas made an appearance in a Finest release since his playing years. For 2015 Finest Baseball, he’s featured on three different cards each with a variety of parallels. I was immediately more attracted to the Generations card because it didn’t have an autograph on it. Autographs are fine but they tend to influence artificial demand whereby driving up final price. I love ’em but often times prefer to go after the stuff that doesn’t feature autographs. This is especially the case with post-career stuff. I may change; who knows. Depending on the player collected, some cards from the Generations run are found with autographs.

Anyway, the 50-card Generations set is an interesting one in that it’s simple in a variety of ways. The background design seems a bit busy but overall, the player photo is the focal point on these cards. For Frank Thomas as well as many other players in the set, there are only three parallels over the base card, but each holds a minimal print run. A full run is shown and here’s what it covers:

  • Base: This version features a flat chrome finish.
  • Refractor: This version features a refractor finish with a stated print run of 25. These were inserted at a rate of 1:37 Mini Boxes.
  • Red Refractor: This version features a red refractor finish with a stated print run of 5. These were inserted at a rate of 1:183 Mini Boxes.
  • Superfractor: This version features a superfractor finish with a stated print run of 1. These were inserted at a rate of 1:907 Mini Boxes.

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge that, depending on the player, can be relatively costly, grab a box of 2015 Finest Baseball. It’s an interesting product with a variety of inserts and signed cards.

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Set Information:

Important Date(s)
May 31, 2018Exchange Deadline
2015 Finest Generations
SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base50Mini Boxes
Refractor50251:37 Mini Boxes
Red Refractor5051:183 Mini Boxes
Superfractor5011:907 Mini Boxes
Autographs18251:122 Mini Boxes
2015 Finest Generations


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
FG-1Stan MusialFG-26Lou Brock
FG-2Tom GlavineFG-27Orlando Cepeda
FG-3Steve CarltonFG-28Dennis Eckersley
FG-4Ozzie SmithFG-29Luis Aparicio
FG-5Ernie BanksFG-30Andre Dawson
FG-6Frank RobinsonFG-31Rod Carew
FG-7Barry LarkinFG-32Alex Rodriguez
FG-8Chipper JonesFG-33Randy Johnson
FG-9Mike SchmidtFG-34Albert Pujols
FG-10Rickey HendersonFG-35Greg Maddux
FG-11Mark McGwireFG-36Tony Gwynn
FG-12Nolan RyanFG-37Chase Utley
FG-13Cal Ripken Jr.FG-38Derek Jeter
FG-14Roger ClemensFG-39Wade Boggs
FG-15Mike PiazzaFG-40Joe Morgan
FG-16Sandy KoufaxFG-41Willie Mays
FG-17Johnny BenchFG-42Clayton Kershaw
FG-18Ken Griffey Jr.FG-43Mike Trout
FG-19Tom SeaverFG-44Cole Hamels
FG-20Robin YountFG-45David Price
FG-21Phil NiekroFG-46Andrew McCutchen
FG-22Juan MarichalFG-47Adrian Beltre
FG-23Bo JacksonFG-48Giancarlo Stanton
FG-24Frank ThomasFG-49Miguel Cabrera
FG-25Mariano RiveraFG-50Robinson Cano
2015 Finest Generations

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