2008 Upper Deck StarQuest Baseball Cards

2008 Upper Deck StarQuest Baseball Cards
2008 Upper Deck StarQuest Baseball Cards

2008 Upper Deck StarQuest baseball cards are fun to chase and pull together. A full set is 60 cards with each possessing each one of the various parallels shown. I didn’t begin working on this 6-card parallel set until a few years after it was released. What I like about this release is that it’s very easy to identify each of the various cards. Upper Deck caught on in the mid-later part of the 2000s by clearly stating, on the back of each card, what set said card came from. This dramatically helps collectors correctly organize and archive their Upper Deck cards. This set is no different. The backs tell you from what set they came and their associated rarities.

From left to right, the following is what’s shown. If your pursuit is one of pulling together a 6-card run featuring a specific player, here’s what comprises the run. The Common through Ultra Rare examples were inserted into retail packs at Target and Walmart at a rate of anywhere from 1:1 to 1:36 packs depending on the rarity and where they were purchased.

  • Common: These feature a flat foil dark blue finish.
  • Uncommon: These feature a flat foil gold finish.
  • Rare: These feature a flat foil royal blue finish.
  • Super Rare: These feature an holofoil dark blue finish.
  • Ultra Rare: These feature an holofoil gold finish. The reverse has a small scratch-off section. It’s best to find examples where the scratch-off is still intact.
  • First Edition: These feature a flat foil green finish. Inserted into packs of 2008 Upper Deck First Edition.

The 2008 Upper Deck StarQuest run is kind of a sleeper as it’s overshadowed by so many other inserts and parallels from 2008. This set was released at a time when parallels were being implemented by many of the card manufacturers. In a big way, the parallel concept was sorta beaten into oblivion in 2008. With sets like Topps Moments & Milestones, Upper Deck Documentary, and UD A Piece of History, player collectors have an overwhelming amount of stuff to chase from 2008 alone. It’s fun, sure, but it can be a lot to think about. For something somewhat less ambitious but still very interesting, try your hand at pulling together a 6-card run from 2008 Upper Deck StarQuest.

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
First Edition60
Base60S1 R: 1:1 Target; 1:1 Walmart
Uncommon60S1 R: 1:4 Target; 1:6 Walmart
Rare60S1 R: 1:8 Target; 1:12 Walmart
Super Rare60S1 R: 1:16 Target; 1:24 Walmart
Ultra Rare60S1 R: 1:24 Target; 1:36 Walmart
2008 Upper Deck StarQuest


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
SQ-1Ichiro SuzukiSQ-31Adam Dunn
SQ-2Ryan BraunSQ-32Albert Pujols
SQ-3Prince FielderSQ-33Alex Rodriguez
SQ-4Ken Griffey Jr.SQ-34B.J. Upton
SQ-5Vladimir GuerreroSQ-35C.C. Sabathia
SQ-6Travis HafnerSQ-36Carlos Beltran
SQ-7Matt HolidaySQ-37Carlos Pena
SQ-8Ryan HowardSQ-38Cole Hamels
SQ-9Derek JeterSQ-39Curtis Granderson
SQ-10Chipper JonesSQ-40Daisuke Matsuzaka
SQ-11Carlos LeeSQ-41David Ortiz
SQ-12Justin MorneauSQ-42Derek Jeter
SQ-13Magglio OrdonezSQ-43Derrek Lee
SQ-14David OrtizSQ-44Eric Byrnes
SQ-15Jake PeavySQ-45Felix Hernandez
SQ-16Albert PujolsSQ-46Ichiro Suzuki
SQ-17Hanley RamirezSQ-47Jeff Francoeur
SQ-18Manny RamirezSQ-48Jimmy Rollins
SQ-19Jose ReyesSQ-49Joe Mauer
SQ-20Alex RodriguezSQ-50John Smoltz
SQ-21Johan SantanaSQ-51Ken Griffey Jr.
SQ-22Grady SizemoreSQ-52Lance Berkman
SQ-23Alfonso SorianoSQ-53Miguel Cabrera
SQ-24Mark TeixeiraSQ-54Paul Konerko
SQ-25Frank ThomasSQ-55Pedro Martinez
SQ-26Jim ThomeSQ-56Randy Johnson
SQ-27Chase UtleySQ-57Russell Martin
SQ-28Brandon WebbSQ-58Troy Tulowitzki
SQ-29David WrightSQ-59Vernon Wells
SQ-30Michael YoungSQ-60Vladimir Guerrero
2008 Upper Deck StarQuest

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