1947 Tip Top Bread D323 Baseball Cards

Walter Judnick 1947 Tip Top Bread (D323)

Walter Judnick 1947 Tip Top Bread (D323)

I stumbled across an example from this set recently and wanted to share it with you. 1947 Tip Top Bread hails from a time when advertisements were still the most popular real-estate filler for card backs. It’s a nice surprise to flip a baseball card over and find an advertisement for a bread company. Granted, there were plenty of food issues released throughout the years, this particular release features a full picture of the actual product, a loaf of bread.

After doing some research, I’ve learned that this set is likely one of the rarest WW-II era baseball card releases. It’s also thought that the St. Louis Browns are the most common in the set. Although not clearly stated, these cards are thought to have been distributed geographically respective to a teams location. For example, all of the Browns cards were released in St. Louie, all the Yankees cards were released in Brooklyn, and so on. If this is the case, this would perhaps account for the scarcity of cards from certain teams.

For those of you attempting to complete a set of 1947 Tip Top Bread, hats off to you, it’s a monster task and I salute you in your efforts! It shouldn’t be impossible however… I read of one collector doing it, and it only took him 23 years.


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