1998 Circa Thunder Super Rave Baseball Cards

Frank Thomas 1998 Circa Thunder #45 Super Rave /25
Frank Thomas 1998 Circa Thunder #45 Super Rave /25

While scanning a few cards from 1998, I came across this 1998 Circa Thunder Super Rave. Just look at those sparkles! I really like the design on these cards. It’s almost a staple of the decade. The vibrant background design with the white scribbles on the front of the card is key to aesthetics appeal, no matter how kitschy. In terms of market SRP, I’m not sure because I’ve never purchased, or even seen packs of this stuff. I wouldn’t imaging no more than $2/pack but then again, I’ve been surprised in the past. At a local card shop in recent weeks, I was shocked to discover that packs of 2001 Private Stock were priced at $30 each! You would think that since 2001 was Albert Pujols’ rookie year, that that $30 premium would be chalked up to the possibility of pulling his rookie card. Well, upon further research, I discovered that he isn’t even in that set. Pardon me, I am speaking tangentially here…

At any rate, I thought I’d share this card with you because it’s one that comes from a very difficult, almost mythical parallel set titled, “Super Rave.” These guys are numbered to just 25 copies and are (should be) as equally tough to acquire as the legendary 1998 Donruss Crusade Reds, that are also numbered to just 25 copies. The Crusade Reds are another beast altogether. The Super Rave is a level 2 parallel. What that means is that there is a slightly (marginally) more common parallel to the base set that mirrors this parallel but just called “Rave” and number to 150 copies. While the Super Raves feature gold sparkles, the Raves feature silver sparkles. I’m not sure which one I enjoy viewing more since both silver and gold are gorgeously depicted on these cards. This parallel set featured simple technology that looks great. I would really like to see this feature, or this set re-released in some capacity in today’s market. That’s just me.

To view the current eBay auctions for 1998 Circa Thunder Super Rave parallels, click here.

Set Information:

1998 Circa Thunder (issued by Fleer/Skybox) is a 300-card set issued in 8-card packs with and SRP of $1.59. The base set includes a Cal Ripken Jr. promo card that was distributed in dealer order forms and hobby media prior to the product release date. Marquis Grissom’s card was accidentally numbered as 8 instead of 280. Cal Ripken Jr. and Marquis Grissom are both card 8. Neither Rave or Super Rave sets include the four checklist cards found in the base set, which is the reason for the total card discrepancy.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Super Rave29625
1998 Circa Thunder

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