1996 SPx Baseball Cards

Derek Jeter 1996 SPx #43 Gold
Derek Jeter 1996 SPx #43 Gold

1996 SPx is 60-card set printed on 32pt card stock and emphasizes hologram technology. 5 additional cards were made: a Ken Griffey Jr. Promo and two Commemorative cards, and two Mike Piazza Tribute cards. The set was released with an SRP of $3.49 per 1-card pack, and includes a Gold parallel set and a 10-card Bound for Glory insert set.

1996 SPx is an excellent set. The die-cut design is minimally condition-sensitive and the thick card stock really makes these cards stand out. I opened a pack of 1996 SPx in 1996 and pulled the Gold Mo Vaughn. I can remember being impressed by the design and it remains one of my favorite sets even to this day. I still have that Mo Vaughn card and it acts as a reminder of this one memory.

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1996 SPx
1996 SPx

Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
Bound for Glory101:24
Ken Griffey Jr. Comm.11:75
Mike Piazza Tribute11:95
Ken Griffey Jr. Comm. AU11:2000
Mike Piazza Tribute AU11:2000
1996 SPx


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Greg Maddux34Raul Mondesi
2Chipper Jones35Hideo Nomo
3Fred McGriff36Kirby Puckett
4Tom Glavine37Paul Molitor
5Cal Ripken Jr.38Marty Cordova
6Roberto Alomar39Rondell White
7Rafael Palmeiro40Jason Isringhausen
8Jose Canseco41Paul Wilson
9Roger Clemens42Rey Ordonez
10Mo Vaughn43Derek Jeter
11Jim Edmonds44Wade Boggs
12Tim Salmon45Mark McGwire
13Sammy Sosa46Jason Kendall
14Ryne Sandberg47Ron Gant
15Mark Grace48Ozzie Smith
16Frank Thomas49Tony Gwynn
17Barry Larkin50Ken Caminiti
18Kenny Lofton51Barry Bonds
19Albert Belle52Matt Williams
20Eddie Murray53Osvaldo Fernandez
21Manny Ramirez54Jay Buhner
22Dante Bichette55Ken Griffey Jr.
23Larry Walker56Randy Johnson
24Vinny Castilla57Alex Rodriguez
25Andres Galarraga58Juan Gonzalez
26Cecil Fielder59Joe Carter
27Gary Sheffield60Carlos Delgado
28Craig Biggio55Ken Griffey Jr. Gold Promo
29Jeff BagwellKG1Ken Griffey Jr. Comm.
30Derek BellKGA1Ken Griffey Jr. Comm. AU
31Johnny DamonMP1Mike Piazza Tribute
32Eric KarrosMPA-1Mike Piazza Tribute AU
33Mike Piazza
1996 SPx

Bound for Glory:

Tony Gwynn 1996 SPx Bound for Glory #9
Tony Gwynn 1996 SPx Bound for Glory #9
Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Ken Griffey Jr.6Chipper Jones
2Frank Thomas7Roberto Alomar
3Barry Bonds8Manny Ramirez
4Cal Ripken Jr.9Tony Gwynn
5Greg Maddux10Mike Piazza
1996 SPx Bound for Glory

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