1995 Leaf Series 2 Box Break | Ep. 15

1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball Box
1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball Box

In 1995, Leaf brought us another respectable base design and another variety of quality inserts. A single box of 1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball contains a complete set and a high number of duplicates of base and inserts. Inserts were found almost 1/pack, which is a nice return for your money. That fact alone indicates that less emphasis was placed on base cards on point of the collector. I think too that because many other companies were releasing several insert sets each year, it wouldn’t have been in Leaf’s best interest to release a product without a series of inserts as well. Given their then prestigious hobby reputation, and their then promotion contract with Frank Thomas, Leaf stood tall as one of the hobby’s heavier hitters. Additionally, since 1991, when they started adding inserts in their products, Leaf’s inserts got better with each passing year. By the time 1995 rolled around, Leaf stopped offering the commemorative puzzle project, and inserts had replaced the puzzle pieces.

1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball odds

Let’s dig into the breakdown of the results you should expect when you open a single box of 1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball. Here’s the rundown:

1995 Leaf Series 2 BB Pack


1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball Pack

A box of 1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball contains 36 packs, each containing 12 cards for a gross total yield of 432 cards. The set consists of 200 cards. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 200/200 cards: % of set complete = 100%
  • Doubles base: 190
  • Doubles inserts: 16


  • 300 Club: 3/18, 16.7%
  • Checklists: 4/8, 50%
  • Great Gloves: 16/16, 100%
  • Slideshow: 1/16, 6.3%
  • Thomas: 2/6, 33.3%
1995 Leaf Baseball Cards
1995 Leaf Baseball Cards

As we can see here, Leaf utilized what would eventually become a design standard, the holo-foil technology. It’s used here on the team plates on the left side of the front of the card, and again on the diamond portrait image just above it. In addition to the gold foil cursive names, and the player action shots, the base design on it’s own is something to appreciate.

1995 Leaf Baseball inserts
1995 Leaf Baseball inserts

Again, we find the holo-foil technology being utilized on some of the inserts shown here. This design still looks beautiful after all these years. A timeless concept.


1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball stack

This product was widely available in hobby shops. I’m not entirely confident in stating that it was as such in the retail market. This product was printed in high volumes, but Leaf was already moving into more limited print runs in 1995. The 1995 Leaf Thomas set can be found in Jumbo format and with a stated print run of 2,500. Additionally, other inserts were printed with print runs of 5,000, and 10,000. While those numbers are relatively large by today’s standards, they are still very modest in comparison to total print runs for the cumulative yield of 1995 Leaf, which was very likely still in the multiples of millions. That number eventually does come down over the years but cards numbered to 10,000 still remain scarce pulls in product from 1995.

Supply & Demand:

Given the assumed production totals of 1995 Leaf, you should still be able to easily find sealed boxes. Finding these boxes in hobby shops today might be a bit of a challenge given that this is considered by many hobby shops to be dead inventory but it’s still worth your time to ask. I would recommend against making a purchase online given that the s/h fees will drive this sale into something nonsensical. Buy in person and expect to spend between $15-20. If you have to go over that number, $25 should be your absolute ceiling on this box. Depending on the seller, you may be able to get a sealed box for well below the current market value. I bought my box in 2010 for $5 but that’s atypical. If you can replicate that purchase price, great but don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t find one for less than $15.

1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball wrappers


For between $15-20 on average, a single box of 1995 Leaf Series 2 Baseball will probably provide you with a complete set, a lot of doubles, and some very interesting inserts. This is an affordable product that features lots of star cards, a Hideo Nomo RC, and a respectable Frank Thomas insert set. To avoid s/h fees, aim to buy this box in person. For those looking for ultra high end inserts with even higher ROI, this might not be the product for you. If you’re looking for a low value but attractive set with great looking inserts, this is indeed a nice choice.

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