1958 Topps Baseball Cards

Curt Flood 1958 Topps #464
Curt Flood 1958 Topps #464

1958 Topps is a 494-card set with standard 2.5″x3.5″ dimensions. In 1958, Ed Bouchee was charged with indecent exposure and was subsequently suspended from baseball.1 The suspension caused card #145 not to be issued. The 1958 Topps set was innovative in that card numbering included team and checklist cards, and it was the first Topps set to include an All-Star subset (475-495). All-Star cards of Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial were triple printed and replaced cards 443, 446, 450, and 462 on the printing sheet causing those four cards to be short printed. Within the run of cards 2-108, a variety of cards can be found with either white or the more valuable yellow lettering. Cards were released in 1-card penny packs or 6-card nickel packs. Key RCs include: Orlando Cepeda, Curt Flood, Vada Pinson, and Roger Maris.

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  1. July 3, 1958: Phillies’ Ed Bouchee returns to baseball after arrest. sabr.org ↩︎

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