Dave Henderson, Torii Hunter, Stephen Curry, and PBR | Ep. 53

In this video, Dan G. and I talk about the following:

  • The 1982 Topps Dave Henderson rookie card. I picked up this multi-signed rookie card shortly after his departure as a tribute since I remember seeing him in many products throughout the 1980’s.
  • 2003 Donruss Elite Aspirations Gold 1/1 of Torii Hunter. I just love these cards. These were released back when elusive chase cards were standard baseball cards without any material or autograph included. The die cut design and holofoil finish on these cards is something to really appreciate.
  • 2009 Press Pass 8 Seconds PBR (Pro Bull Riding, not Pabst Blue Ribbon). Dan introduced me to this interesting set.
  • 2009-10 Topps Stephen Curry rookie cards. With proven talent comes value, as it should be. Dan’s collection of Curry rookies from a couple Topps products is something to respect.

To view the current eBay auctions for Stephen Curry rookie cards, click here.

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