Topps Now and Topps Bunt | Ep. 76

In this episode, Dan G. and I rant about Topps Now and Topps Bunt. If you’re not already aware of either of these, here’s the deal:

Topps Now is a physical baseball card set. Individual cards can be ordered direct from Topps or purchased on the secondary market. The set is extensive and each card features a moment in annual baseball history. Each moment is intended to be significant but some of them are less than impressive. Dan and I discuss this.

Topps Bunt is a digital baseball card set. While this concept presents a cost savings for Topps, it strips collectability from the consumer. Interesting concept but Dan and I both agree that one of the key attractions to collecting baseball cards is the tangibility of the cards themselves. Recently, Topps has offered these cards in physical format. The question then becomes, do we take this as a signal that the digital format is being phased out? This and other thoughts are covered in this video.

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To see what’s currently on eBay from Topps Now, click here.


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