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***This Product Has Been Discontinued***

Do you ever get tired of writing and re-writing on your boxes with permanent marker? This can get pretty ugly after a while.

For those of us that do the box thing, (and I’d imagine that’s a significant number of collectors, myself included) many of us have dealt with the issue of marking up our boxes in an effort to label them in some way. This is great until the box needs to be used for something else. In these cases, we end up scribbling out the original label text and re-writing something else to reflect the new organization method. As many of us know, this can get pretty hairy after a while.

Let’s have a look at what we can do to avoid all of that.

Here’s a fresh box without any writing:

Adhesive Box Label Covers

How rad would it be if there was a way to label boxes without permanently marking them up? Pretty rad, right?!

Our Adhesive Box Label Covers allow for exactly that. Read on…

Each cover comes with three peel-and-stick adhesive strips for quick and painless application.

Adhesive Box Label Covers

Our Adhesive Box Label Covers are specifically designed for the following types of boxes:

  • 3200ct Boxes
  • 5000ct Boxes
  • Super Shoe Boxes
Adhesive Box Label Covers
To Download the Free Insert Template, Click Here.

Finally, a logical way to organize and reorganize your boxes without the headache and mess of markers.

Available in packs of 20, our ultra premium Adhesive Box Label Covers are exactly what you need to keep your boxes looking sharp and well organized. These are available in our store.

We’re also delighted to offer a FREE Insert Template DOWNLOAD!

Click here to download the free Cover Insert Template so you can design your own label cover inserts.

Adhesive Box Label Covers
Adhesive Box Label Covers
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