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Does the extra bagging associated with the catch-all approach with graded card bags bother you?

The catch-all approach is generally fine if you’re going BGS or even SGC but with the slimmer cases PSA has, you have all that extra bagging on either side of the case and worse is the inevitable bunching issue. The top flap always has to be scrunched up just to close leaving an unappealing look to your coveted PSA card collection. It’s just an annoying look. It’s like being forced to wear baggy pants when all you need is leggings.

Enter the Radicards® Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags

With our Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags, you can say goodbye to the annoying look of having your PSA slabs in baggy-looking ill-fitted catch-all bags. The time is now to put your PSA slabs into fitted bags made exclusively for PSA Graded Cards. These premium fitted, ultra clear, acid free bags will keep your PSA collection protected from dust and scratching, and do it with a professional style. After all, you deserve to enjoy looking at your collection.

Universal Graded Card Bags
Universal Graded Card Bags

Enjoy your collection better with our Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags

Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags
Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags

There’s nothing like enjoying the look of your collection and how it’s protected. It’s a great feeling when you know things look even greater. Your collection is important and you deserve the best looking outfit for your PSA Graded Card collection. You’ve invested a lot of money and time acquiring your collection. Give it the care it deserves with our Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags.

Available in packs of 100, these are the perfect upgrade to your supplies inventory. Each bag comes with the familiar top flap with peel-and-stick adhesive strip. With our Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags, you can now rid the annoyance associated with having all of that extra plastic on those catch-all graded card bags.

Catch-all bags are pretty annoying, huh?

You’re not alone! Try our Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags and finally enjoy the look of your valuable PSA Graded Card collection to its fullest capacity. You deserve it!

Grab some Radicards® Fitted PSA Graded Card Bags today

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