Try Our Fitted BGS Graded Card Bags

Tired of all the bunching that exists when you put your sleeve-protected BGS cards in a shoebox? Yea, me too.

With universal graded card cases, you end up with more bag than needed which means they look great when you first sleeve your slab but after they’ve been stored, you’re left with that ugly bunching look on either side. 🙁

Radicards? Store

Enter the Radicards® Fitted BGS Graded Card Bags

Radicards? Store

Now you can enjoy the look of a clean fitted sleeve even after they’ve been stored in a shoebox for awhile.

Also too, our bags are much clearer than those other ones.

Doesn’t that look better?

Many collectors would agree that a clean appearance over time is appreciated.

Enjoy your BGS slab collection better with our Fitted BGS Graded Card Bags.

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