The National, Topps Stickers, Reprints, The Beer Box Find, and More | Ep. 231

Agenda Summary: The National. Topps Stickers. Reprints and Counterfeits. The Beer Box Find. 1989 Upper Deck Panel with Griffey. Giancarlo Stanton 2010 Topps Chrome Superfractor AU.

Guest: Ryan Daly

Full Agenda:

Spend it all right when you get there? Collector attends The National and at first day, first hour, first booth, spends all his money.

Topps Stickers and what they might mean. Are we to assume the card’s a redemption if it’s housed in a case with a Topps sticker over the top?

Talkin’ Reprints and Counterfeits. While not certain, that one 2011 Bowman Chrome Orange AU Paul Goldschmidt at $250 may have been a fake.

The Beer Box Find. Hundreds of unopened sports card packs found in attic could top $1M.1

1989 Upper Deck Panel with Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Upper Deck Test Sheet Panel with Griffey signed by Griffey.

If it were a different time, this card might have closed for this much. 2010 Topps Chrome Superfractor AU Giancarlo Stanton hits eBay.

To see the current eBay auctions for the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr., click here.


  1. Hundreds Of Unopened Sports Card Packs Found In Aunt’s Attic Likely To Top $1 Million. ↩︎

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