Dr. James Beckett Content Creators Roundtable | May 21, 2022 | Ep. 298

Agenda Summary: This is a recording of the Content Creators Roundtable hosted by Dr. James Beckett at the Dallas Card Show on the evening of Saturday May 21, 2022. Join us as we discuss: Negativity v. Accountability, Charity Initiatives, Code of Ethics and its dilemmas, Your Legacy, and Non-Physical Cards.

Attendees: Dr. James Beckett, Founder, Beckett Media; Mike Moynihan of Baseball Collector; Kin Kinsley of Bean’s Ballcard Blog; Rob Veres of Burbank Sportscards; Stephan & Angela Loeffler of About The Cards; Jeremy Allen of Collector’s League; Rich Klein of COMC; Logan Ward of NASCARD Radio; Patrick Greenough of Radicards.com; John Keating of That Seventies Card Show; John Newman of Sports Card Nation Podcast; Brad Bethune of Texas Card Dude; Invited but couldn’t attend: Brian Gray of Leaf Trading Cards; Mike Fruitman of Mike’s Stadium Sportscards; Drop-Ins: Kyle Robertson and Leo of the Dallas Card Show

In addition to questions from other attendees, I posed the following question, which we covered to some degree toward the end of the discussion.

What’s the Market Perception of Topps Bunt?
Bunt is Topps’ digital trading card platform where users can buy/exchange cards in-person using their devices. What’s the long game look like for a product like this? I’d also like to know if anyone in the room has ever promoted Bunt for any reason – why or why not?

Segment Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00: Negativity v. Accountability
  • 0:11:41: Welcoming New Collectors
  • 0:31:42: Charity Initiatives
  • 0:39:22: Code of Ethics
  • 0:58:49: Your Legacy
  • 1:11:38: Non-Physical Cards

Special thanks to Dr. James Beckett for arranging the meeting, and Kyle Robertson for reserving the room.

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