GMA Bags, Mario N64, Stephen Curry Logoman, and Collector Relevance | Ep. 271

Agenda Summary: GMA Bags. Mario N64. Stephen Curry Logoman. Collector Relevance in the Current Investor Market.

Full Agenda:

  • Radicards turns 11
  • New Product: Fitted GMA Graded Card Bags
  • A sealed copy of Mario N64 sold through Heritage Auctions for $1.56M. Sale announced just two days after a sealed copy of an early production Legend of Zelda (1987) sold for $870,000.[1]Super Mario 64 Video Game Sells for $1.56 Million.
  • Stephen Curry Logoman Sells for $5.9M
  • Have advanced collectors lost relevance in the current investment crazed market?

Having trouble conceptualizing large dollar figures? This image of Floyd Mayweather with $1,652,896 should help.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather | Source:


1 Super Mario 64 Video Game Sells for $1.56 Million.

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