COVID-19, Vintage, Zenith, Pacific, Trout Super, and Topps Project 2020 | Ep. 261

Agenda Summary: MLB potential responses to COVID-19, Collecting Vintage, 1996 Zenith Diamond Club, 1998 Pacific Invincible Cramer’s Choice, Mike Trout 2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor, Topps Project 2020.

Guest: Rodney Vallejo

Full Agenda:

In this podcast, we discuss the following:

  • MLB potential responses to COVID-19
  • Collecting graded vintage cards and when grade is secondary
  • 1996 Diamond Club
  • 1998 Pacific Invincible Cramer’s Choice
  • Mike Trout 2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor
  • Topps Project 2020

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