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Neifi Perez 1999 Metal Universe #41 Precious Metal Gems /50Today I’d like to feature some of the rarest cards I’ve ever pulled. Unfortunately, there is a common theme that occurs when I buy wax: I usually pull rare cards of nobodies! No Hall of Famers. No hot rookies. Just mediocre players on stupidly rare cards! I’ve got a lot of them, but I’m highlighting three today:

Edgardo Alfonzo 2000 Fleer Showcase #79 Legacy Collection /20I don’t mean to downplay these players careers and accomplishments. According, to Beckett these players would fall in the Common or Minor Star categories, so I don’t feel too bad. Of course I am always happy to beat the odds and pull something special. However, it’s always a mix of emotions when you read the name on the card and you’ve never heard of them!

Rashard Lewis 2001 E-X #50 Essential Credential Future /11If anyone out there has some rare commons to share please leave a comment! Maybe a nice Benji Gill or perhaps a John Vander Wal. Also, if anyone has the stated odds on these cards I would love to know. I searched and searched but came up with nothing.

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