This Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Chrome Superfractor was Listed at the Perfect Time

Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #RARA Superfractor /1
Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs #RARA Superfractor /1

A mission-critical key in marketing is to align a campaign with something happening in the market. In this particular case, as with many others, timing is everything. Here are some examples I remember specifically from the past 10-20 years, each of which was implemented with success:

  1. Selling “[Opposing team star player] Sucks” t-shirts to fans of opposing team of said player during a game
  2. Promoting merchandise for a video game as an affiliate around the game’s release date
  3. Selling Fear the Beard merchandise during the 2010 World Series

These were successful campaigns because they catered to actual market events happening at the same time. Marketing is a craft that, when done in a timely manner and with a bit of creativity, has the potential to yield some serious results.

Over the past week, we got to see another timely campaign that performed in a similar way. While it’s not confirmed if this was intentional, this notable Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Superfractor was listed at the perfect time – literally days before the 2018 ROY Awards were announced with Acuna being a solid runner up.

Timeline of events:

  • Thursday, 11/7: Superfractor is listed on eBay.
  • Monday, 11/12: Ronald Acuna is selected as the 2018 National League Rookie of the Year.1
  • Thursday, 11/14: Superfractor listing ends.

Auction Results:

Sold: November 14, 2018
# of Bids: 71
Final Price: $13,600

With the key actual market event (2018 ROY Awards) happening during the auction runtime, the seller couldn’t have timed this more perfectly.

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2018 Topps Chrome, click here.


  1. Acuna, Ohtani named Rookies of the Year. ↩︎

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