Minor League Team Releases a Dining Monstrosity: The Cotton Candy Hot Dog

To see the Cotton Candy hot dog, click here.

Just when you think you’ve seen every menu item a ballpark could produce, one team brings you something else.1

The Erie SeaWolves, the AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, performed the unexpected by offering a few unique menu items on their Sugar Rush Night that happened yesterday – Saturday, 6/23.

The menu included a hot dog served on a cotton candy bun with nerds on top.

Enter The Cotton Candy Hot Dog.

Another menu item offered that night was an ice cream ball covered in sprinkles and wrapped in cotton candy, which seems much less intimidating.

To see the Cotton Candy ball, click here.


  1. The Erie SeaWolves released a new food creation: The cotton candy hot dog. www.mlb.com ↩︎

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