Mike Yastrzemski 2022 Topps #103 Features an Uncorrected Error Across All Parallels

Mike Yastrzemski 2022 Topps 1st Edition #103 Red /50
Mike Yastrzemski 2022 Topps 1st Edition #103 Red /50

So here’s the deal with this error: Mike Yastrzemski’s last name is misspelled on every version of his 2022 Topps #103. This error exists on all parallels and wasn’t corrected, which makes it an Uncorrected Error (UER). That said, it’s not rare; it just is.

Mike’s last name is correctly stated on the Opening Day and Chrome issues, however, just not any of his base issue 2022 Topps cards. Why the issue wasn’t corrected at the base level was likely because the same printing plates were used to produce all associated parallels. Even the 1st Edition run with the proprietary set logo is considered by many to be a parallel of the base set even though it’s a completely separate issue but the error exists there as well.

The Yastrzemski name has always been a tough one for many to both pronounce and spell accurately so it’s understandable why this error was produced. Either that or just plain old fast typing to meet tight deadlines, which is more likely the cause for error. For those who aren’t already aware, Mike is Carl Yastrzemski’s grandson.

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