2022 Topps Archive Signature Series Frank Thomas Baseball Cards

Topps used the same sticker on the 2022 Topps Archives Signature Series set as they did the 2021 issue. Not sure if this is a sign of Topps getting lazy knowing they’ll be restructured in a few years, or if Topps just made more than enough stickers in 2021 and needed to put them to use. The sticker design was the one characteristic that made differentiating cards from year to year very simple. Now we may have to squint our eyes to see if the print says 2022 or 2021, which can be tough with blurry or otherwise low quality photos.

In terms of the contents, it’s pretty much more of the same with some new cards sprinkled in but overlap from previous years exists, which further waters down the already watered down Buyback and 1/1 concepts. I don’t mean to gripe about this but it’s amazing that with all the Frank Thomas cards issued in Topps products over the years, those responsible wouldn’t get more creative with which cards get added to this set from year to year. I’m surprised that parallels and inserts aren’t more welcomed. There are a few here and there but the overlap of base cards from issue to issue has been established. Think about it; you get excited to add a 1/1 of a card only to see that exact same card made as a 1/1 for this same set the following year. Talk about a fast way to diffuse excitement. In any case, here are images of the known Frank Thomas cards from 2022 Topps Archive Signature Series.

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