Ryan Leaf 2000 Ultra Masterpiece Makes an Appearance

Ryan Leaf 2000 Ultra #31M Masterpiece /1
Ryan Leaf 2000 Ultra #31M Masterpiece /1

This was a fun auction to watch. This is the Ryan Leaf 2000 Ultra Masterpiece. The purple holfoil on these cards is exquisite. Couple that with the die cut top and we have one of the more attractive designs to introduce the decade. What I’ve noticed about these cards is that as time goes by, they become more valuable regardless of the player. I didn’t expect this card to perform as well as it did but it’s kind of nice to see cards like this get this kind of attention. I’d have loved to have it but my bid was short by quite a bit so I figured chronicling it’s existence here is the next best thing.

Sold: March 3, 2024
# of Bids: 23
Final Price: $1,694.00

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