Dave Winfield 1993 Leaf #DW 3000 Hits

Dave Winfield 1993 Leaf #DW
Dave Winfield 1993 Leaf #DW

Some of you may remember this release. This Dave Winfield card is somewhat special in that it was one of two big chase cards in the 1993 Leaf set, the other being the scarce but more popular Frank Thomas AU/3500. This card was overshadowed by the Thomas auto and as a result, often slipped under the radar by many collectors. I just discovered an example today, 17 yrs after its release.

The only information on ratios that I’ve found for this card is the famously vague phrase, random insert in packs.? Unfortunately, this doesn’t tell me a darn thing about how difficult it is to pull this card. I do know one thing here though, even if this card was just as tough to pull as the Thomas auto, it still wouldn’t carry as much wait because the Winfield isn’t signed. Additionally, during the time of this products release in ’93, Thomas was in his prime and collectors were chasing his card instead of Winfield’s. I personally believe that this card should be valued much higher than its current book price due to scarcity and the fact that it’s Winfield! But as we know, the price doesn’t reflect player status, only market demand and if there really isn’t much of a demand, the price guides will reflect that.

At any rate, I love this card. It’s a beautiful piece and has a great design that features a glossy finish, clear borderless picture and a holo-silver foil stamp. I also like that it’s a tough find. Winfield’s performance was outstanding but even so, this card is just $1. No matter the value, keep an eye out for this card, it’s a classic.

To see the current eBay auctions for the 1993 Leaf Dave Winfield, click here.


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