1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby Baseball Cards

Wilton Guerrero 1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby #7
Wilton Guerrero 1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby #7

These cards are dope! I can remember when I first pulled a card from the 1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby set, I was stunned by the design. I’m a sucker for clear plastic technology though; I just think it’s rad. Initially, I thought that these were supposed to be white translucent and that I somehow got a yellowed version. But I pulled this card out of a pack of 1996 Ultra in 1996 so that assumption can be nixed from the possibility roster. These cards were intended to feature clear yellow plastic. I actually like that and it makes sense. Yellow plastic to represent the color gold to reflect the title of the set, “Golden Prospects.” It’s certainly a nice touch. Even the use of gold holofoil text overlayed in the background makes these cards pop. The red text at the footer with the player name underneath is sure to draw attention upon first encounter. I just think this set, as underappreciated as it is, is an excellent one. Back in 1996, I used to get these confused with cards from the similar and equally awesome set from the same release known as, 1996 Ultra Season Crowns, which features veteran mega talent almost exclusively.

Singles from the 15-card 1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby set can be found in hobby packs at a rate of 1:72. For as rare of a set this is, it certainly doesn’t garner the attention I believe it deserves. Granted, the set features rookie players that were once hoped to be hot but none of which developed into superstar status. With only a handful of semi-stars, this set boasts mainly utility players. This is one of those sets one should enjoy more on premise of design alone, not so much player power. In that way, I can be just as happy owning a Wilton Guerrero as I am a Frank Thomas. For collectors looking for something different that adds a bit of intrigue to the collection, the 1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby set is an excellent choice.

Who is your favorite players from the Los Angeles Dodgers?

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsOdds
Base151:72 S2 H
Gold Medallion151:720 S2 H
1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby


Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
1Bob Abreu9Raul Ibanez
2Israel Alcantara10Marty Janzen
3Tony Batista11Robin Jennings
4Mike Cameron12Jason Maxwell
5Steve Cox13Scott McClain
6Jermaine Dye14Wonderful Monds
7Wilton Guerrero15Chris Singleton
8Richard Hidalgo
1996 Ultra Golden Prospects Hobby

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