1994 Leaf Gold Stars Baseball Cards

1994 Leaf Gold Stars

1994 Leaf Gold Stars

The 1994 Leaf Gold Stars set is one of my all-time favorites. There’s just something about that green marble background, the nautical stars, the player signature, the diamond picture frame and the gold holo foil border that just leaves me in awe every time I revisit this set. So far ahead of its time.

I can remember buying packs of 1994 leaf when it first hit stores hoping, wishing to pull one of these. The odds: 1:90 h/r and 1:288 j. The set consists of 15 cards, each serial #d to 10,000. This should give you an idea of the production rate at the time. These cards were notoriously tough pulls. In 1994, these cards fetched upwards of $100. Today, these cards can be had on the secondary market for anywhere from $2-20. Keep an eye out for 1994 Leaf Gold Stars; they are gems.



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