1934 Diamond Matchbooks Silver Border

Bill Hallahan 1934 Diamond Matchbooks Co. Silver Border #83
Bill Hallahan 1934 Diamond Matchbooks Co. Silver Border #83

Here’s another gem that has somehow survived the test of time. Released during the middle of the Great Depression of the 1930s, this article somehow withstood likely a considerable number of life threatening circumstances. As you can see with this particular example, there are noticeable stress marks. Even with staple holes and the strike surface completely removed, this matchbook still holds as a collectors item. Examples from this 1934 Diamond Matchbooks Silver Border set are very scarce items in today’s market. Even more scarce are those with the strike surface still intact. Further, those matchbooks still possessing matches. No matter, these are relatively rare items. The size is just as you’d expect, typical, perhaps a bit smaller than the average sized matchbook found in present day manufacturing.

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Set Information:

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, matchbook collecting was immensely popular. At an average cost of two for a penny, matchbooks were affordable for many and as such began to feature photos and artwork to attract additional buyers. Toward the end of the 1930s, a number of sports-related runs were issued by Diamond Match Co., of New York City. The first was a 200-matchbook, baseball-themed set featuring silver frames around the player photos, which became known to collectors as “silver border.” The matchbooks are about 1-1/2″x4-1/8″ (open). Sepia player images are printed on matchbook borders in either green, blue, orange, or red (although it’s unconfirmed if all players have a red border variation). Each of the colors are parallels of same 200 matchbooks. If a complete red set was actually issued, the total variation run across the four colors would total 800 unique matchbooks. Player names and team names are printed on the matchbook spines with career summaries and images of two bats, a glove, and a ball on the backs. Matchbooks are often collected with the matches removed and the strike area intact. Since these matchbooks don’t contain numbers, the checklist is listed alphabetically.


Book #Player(s)Book #Player(s)
1Earl Adams101William F. Jurges
2Ethan Allen102Vernon Kennedy
3Eldon L. Auker103John F. Kerr
4Delmar David Baker104Charles “Chuck” Klein
5Richard “Dick” Bartell105Theodore Kleinhans
6Walter Beck106Bill Klem (Umpire)
7Herman Bell107Robert G. Kline
8Ray Benge108William Knickerbocker
9Larry J. Benton109Jack H. Knott
10Louis W. Berger110Mark Koenig
11Walter “Wally” Berger111William Lawrence
12Ray Berres112Thornton S. Lee
13Charlie Berry113Wm. C. “Bill” Lee
14Walter M. “Huck” Betts114Emil Leonard
15Ralph Birkofer115Ernest Lombardi
16George F. Blaeholder116Alfonso Lopez
17Jim Bottomley117Red Lucas
18aRalph Boyle (Pic is Virgil Davis, white cap)118Ted Lyons
18bRalph Boyle (Correct pic, dark cap)119Daniel MacFayden
19Ed Brandt120Ed. Majeski
20Don Brennan121Leroy Mahaffey
21Irving (Jack) Burns122Pat Malone
22Guy “Joe” Bush123Leo Mangum
23Adolph Camilli124Rabbit Maranville
24Ben Cantwell125Charles K. Marrow
25Tex Carleton126William McKechnie
26Owen Carroll127Justin McLaughlin
27Louis Chiozza128Marty McManus
28Watson Clark129Eric McNair
29James A. Collins130Joe Medwick
30Phil Collins131Jim Mooney
31Edward J. Connolly132Joe Moore
32Raymond F. Coombs133John Moore
33Roger Cramer134Randy Moore
34Clifford Crawford135Joe Morrissey
35Hugh M. Critz136Joseph Mowrey
36Alvin Crowder137Fred W. Muller
37Tony Cuccinello138Van Mungo
38Hazen “Kiki” Cuyler139Glenn Myatt
39Virgil Davis140aLynn Nelson (Pic is Eugene DeSautel, no “C” on cap)
40Jerome “Dizzy” Dean140bLynn Nelson (Corrected pic, “C” on cap)
41Paul Dean141Henry Oana
42Edward Delker142Lefty O’Doul
43Paul Derringer143Robert O’Farrell
44Eugene DeSautel144Ernest Orsatti
45William J. Dietrich145Fritz R. Ostermueller
46Frank F. Doljack146Melvin Ott
47Edward F. Durham147Roy Parmelee
48Leo Durocher148Ralph Perkins
49Jim Elliott149Frank Pytlak
50Charles D. English150Ernest C. Quigley (Umpire)
51Elwood G. English151George Rensa
52Richard Ferrell152Harry rice
53Wesley Ferrell (Existence Unknown)153Walter Roettger
54Charles W. Fischer154William G. Rogell
55Freddy Fitzsimmons155Edwin A. Rommel
56Lew Fonseca156Charlie Root
57Fred Frankhouse157John Rothrock
58John Frederick158Jack Russell
59Benny Frey (Reds)159Blondy Ryan
60Linus Frey (Dodgers)160Alexander (Al) Schacht
61Frankie Frisch161Wesley Schultmerick
62Chick Fullis162Truett B. Sewell
63August Galan163Gordon Slade
64Milton Galatzer164Bob Smith
65Dennis W. Galehouse165Julius J. Solters
66Milton Gaston166Glenn Spencer
67Chas. Gehringer167Al Spohrer
68Edward P. Gharrity168George Stainback
69George Gibson169Albert “Dolly” Stark (Umpire)
70Isidore Goldstein170Casey Stengel
71“Hank” Gowdy171Riggs Stephenson
72Earl Grace172Walter C. Stewart
73Chas. Grimm (Fielding)173Lin Storti
74Chas. Grimm (Portrait)174Allyn (Fish Hook) Stout
75Frank T. Grube175Joe Stripp
76Richard Gyselman176Gus Suhr
77Stanley C. Hack177Billy Sullivan, Jr.
78Irving Hadley178Benny Tate
79Charles “Chick” Hafey179Danny Taylor
80Harold A. Haid180Tommy Thevenow
81Jesse Haines181Bud Tinning
82Odell A. Hale182Cecil Travis
83Bill Hallahan183Forest F. Twogood
84Luke D. Hamlin184Bill Urbanski
85Roy Hansen185Dazzy Vance
86Melvin Harder186Arthur Veltman SP
87William M. Harris187John L. Vergez
88Gabby Hartnett188Gerald (Jerry) Walker
89Harvey Hendrick189William H. Walker
90Floyd “Babe” Herman190Lloyd Waner
91William Herman191Paul Waner
92J. Francis Hogan192Lon Warnecke
93Elon Hogsett193Harold B. Warstler
94Waite Hoyt194Bill Werber
95Carl Hubbell195Joyner White
96Silas K. Johnson196Arthur Whitney
97Sylvester Johnson197James Wilson
98Roy M. Joiner198Lewis (Hack) Wilson
99Baxter Jordan199Ralph L. Winegarner
100Arndt Jorgens200Thomas Zachary
1934 Diamond Matchbooks

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