Todd Jones 1992 Bowman #202

Todd Jones 1992 Bowman #202
Todd Jones 1992 Bowman #202

Card of the Week:

Todd Jones 1992 Bowman #202

Let’s consider the following reasons why this card is so incredible:

  1. Todd’s kinda pudgy in this photo and that in combination with the look on his face, you know he means business.
  2. The mustache demands respect.
  3. The various gold chains and Hawaiian t-shirt because he just walked off the set of Miami Vice.
  4. A classy haircut and missing sideburns are key when building a solid foundation for any MLB career.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this card could easily pass as a NASCAR promotion or the front of a business card from a hustling auto mechanic. For some reason when I look at this card, I also think of cheap beer. Mmm… Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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