Why the Sal Fasano 1996 Select Certified Parallels weren’t Corrected

Sal Fasano 1996 Select Certified #105 Mirror Gold /30 UER
Sal Fasano 1996 Select Certified #105 Mirror Gold /30 UER

1996 Select Certified features exactly one card with an error, Sal Fasano (#105). All parallels of this card were made exclusively with Livan Hernandez printed where Sal Fasano would otherwise be printed and corrections were never issued. These are called Uncorrected Errors (UERs).

While the base card also features this error, it’s the only version of this card that was later corrected, which means there are two versions available: error and corrected. Both appear to have similar values, which would imply (but not guarantee) that they were printed in similar quantities.

So you’re probably thinking, why did Select only correct the base card?

All parallels contain known print runs so correcting them would’ve thrown off print runs. Since the base card was printed in volume, it made sense that it was the only version to get the correction. This would support the assumption that the error was caught after production was finished.

On a side note, this is the only time the name, Livan Hernandez, is featured in this set since he didn’t get a card of his own.

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