Is the Bob Hamelin 1996 Pinnacle One of the Worst Cards Ever Made?

Bob Hamelin 1996 Pinnacle #289 Foil
Bob Hamelin 1996 Pinnacle #289 Foil

Card of the Week:

Bob Hamelin 1996 Pinnacle #289

This is the first article published in the Card of the Week category since September 14, 2010. Man, has a lot happened since then. The Card of the Week category has always been reserved for cards that showcase an element of notable but unique intrigue or general humor. Since I’ve always found it good to get a chuckle in at some point during the week, if not daily, let’s dive right into this one.

This card is ridiculous. A doughy-looking straight-faced Bob Hamelin holding a sign depicting his name on a card depicting his name. How fashion-forward. Not only is it redundant, it looks more like he’s at the DMV, or worse, the police station. Both scenarios would make anyone straight-faced. Why was such a close-up shot used and why is he holding the sign so close to his mug? I always thought baseball cards were supposed to feature guys in action shots or related posses. This one makes me feel more like he’s at a photo-shoot in a soiled bathroom of an isolated gas station in a poor neighborhood. As the guy taking the photo swigs his single-serving Jack Daniels handle but not before slowly combing back his greasy hair and whispering softly into Bob’s ear, “everyone needs a friend.” Creeped out yet? Yea, me too. The glasses make Hamelin look like some kind of an offender himself. You pick the type.

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