1999 Ultimate Victory Baseball Cards

1999 Ultimate Victory Baseball Cards

1999 Ultimate Victory Baseball Cards

1999 Ultimate Victory baseball cards comprise yet another excellent installment by the folks at Upper Deck. This 4-card run can be found for any player in the set. I was out of the hobby when this product came out so I didn’t encounter it until at least 2003. While it had taken off in popularity by that time, since then, it’s notoriety has grown richer. This set is popular among 1990s-era collectors such as myself. While this 4-card run can be had for any player in the set, it’s highly ambitious because it includes a 1/1 parallel.

Those of us that collect high profile players I.e., Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., or Cal Ripken Jr., may be faced with the somewhat difficult and likely expensive task of tracking down our guy’s last two parallels. For the top stars in the set, I’ve seen high asking prices (perceived value) for the first parallel up from the base. I have lots of respect for collectors that player collect high profile players but I certainly don’t envy them on the premise of cost alone. It’s gotta to be financially stressful to player collect superstars with ultra high marquee value.

If you collect anyone that made it into the 1999 Ultimate Victory set, and are looking to complete this 4-card run, here’s what to expect:

  • Base: This is the standard card in the release. It features a flat-foil finish.
  • Parallel: This is the next parallel up from the base. These feature linear holofoil technology and were inserted into packs at a rate of 1:12.
  • Parallel 100: This is the next hardest parallel to find. These feature silver circular wave technology and have a stated print run of 100 copies.
  • Parallel 1 of 1: For the obvious reason, this is the hardest one to find.These feature silver circular wave technology with a gold frame and have a stated print run of just 1 copy. Replacement copies exist that look identical to these parallels but don’t have the serial number printed on them. While not confirmed, these replacement copies are believed to be 1/1s as well.

It took me a few years to pull together my players 4-card run. These days, if one can lock down 3 out of the 4, I consider it a win. The 1 of 1 parallel is a true feat but much like other high-end rainbows from the 1990s, the 1/1s are nearly impossible to find. If you’re feelin’ lucky or just wanna rip into some excellent wax, try a box of 1999 Ultimate Victory Baseball.


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