1990 Upper Deck Baseball Errors Checklist

The following card was acquired on November 8, 2010 and was scanned using the Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 and watermarked in January of 2011 before I implemented Photoshop automation. This scan was initially published on the article covering this particular card but it’s being re-used here because the Ben McDonald 1990 Upper Deck RC was issued first as an error, which was actually just really good marketing since Ben McDonald was the big prospect at the time so it, no doubt, helped drive demand for the product.

Ben McDonald 1990 Upper Deck #54 Variation Comparison
Ben McDonald 1990 Upper Deck #54 B&A

1990 Upper Deck is the company’s sophomoric release in the baseball category. It’s just as stunning as its predecessor and was very popular when it came out. The set contains a variety of photo variations and some interesting errors of key cards. Notable RCs in the set include: Ben McDonald, Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, Larry Walker, and Sammy Sosa.

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What’s Not Included in this Checklist:

  • Uncorrected Errors (UERs): These include minor typos on card backs and/or fronts. Since these cards were never corrected, they’re just the standard cards in the set.
  • Blank/Wrong Fronts/Backs: Examples beyond what’s stated are manufacturing scrap and weren’t issued in packs.
  • Hologram Location Variations: These are manufacturing scrap.

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Errors Checklist:

Card #Player(s)Error
54ABen McDonald RCOrioles logo
60AMickey Tettleton TC683 Jamie Weston
89AJim GottPhoto is Rick Reed
478AScott GarreltsPhoto is Bill Bathe
562AJeff InnisPhoto is David West
597AAndy McGaffiganPhoto is Rich Thompson
683AMickey WestonListed as Jamie Weston
700AChecklist683 Jamie Weston
702AMike WittLater issued as “Rookie Threats”
734ANolan RyanNo 300th Win Strip
800AChecklist702 Mike Witt
1990 Upper Deck Errors

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