1962 Topps Baseball Cards

Jim Fregosi 1962 Topps #207
Jim Fregosi 1962 Topps #207
Joe Torre 1962 Topps #218
Joe Torre 1962 Topps #218

1962 Topps is a 598-card set with standard 2.5″x3.5″ dimensions. The set design features a warm woodgrain background, which has helped make the set a collector favorite. The set contains a variety of subsets featuring: World Series, In Action, NL and AL All Stars, Rookie Prospects, and Babe Ruth. A variety of photo variations exist and all cards in series 2 come in two versions – standard and green tint. The Green tint variations were caused by a flaw in the printing process that occurred early in the S2 run. Hal Reniff appears twice in this set; cards #139 (shared with Babe Ruth) and #159. High numbers (523-598) were printed in shorter supply than other cards in the set. 1962 was the first year Topps produced multi-player Rookie Cards and the multi-player Rookie Parade subset (591-598) are considered the rarest cards in the set. Cards were released in 1-card penny packs, and 5-card nickel packs (24/box). Key RCs include: Lou Brock, Gaylord Perry, Tim McCarver, Joe Torre, Bob Uecker, and Jim Fregosi (for the Angels fan).

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Babe Ruth 1962 Topps #139 v1.1
Babe Ruth 1962 Topps #139 v1.1: Pole in background at left | Source: psacard.com
Babe Ruth 1962 Topps #139 v1.2
Babe Ruth 1962 Topps #139 v1.2: No Pole in background at left

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