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Are you tired of putting your toploaders into ill-fitted team bags? Yea, me too…

There’s just too much extra space on either side and you have to bunch everything up just to store it anywhere that makes any sense. The bunching then creates a messy look that’s rough on the eyes.

Team Bags
Team Bags

For the obsessively organized collector in all of us, this is often an irritating problem that hasn’t been fixed. That is, until now.

Enter the Radicards® Fitted Toploader Bags

Fitted Toploader Bags
Fitted Toploader Bags

These premium fitted acid free toploader bags are made exactly for your standard-sized toploaders. These are perfect for keeping your standard-sized toploaders from scratching or accumulating dust. They come with a familiar top flap with peel-off adhesive that folds over to cover the top of your toploader. You can finally look at your collection and not be annoyed with all of that extra bagging from those ill-fitted team bags.

Yea, those ill-fitted team bags make me want to look the other way too…

Available in packs of 100, these Radicards® Fitted Toploader Bags are the perfect complement to any sports card collection. They’re designed by a collector for collectors. I want you to enjoy your collection in the best way you can. With these premium fitted acid free bags, you can finally enjoy the process of securing proper toploader protection.

Let’s face it, your collection is important and your cards deserve to be safe and look sharp. Give your toploaders the protection they’ve always needed.

Give them the Radicards® Fitted Toploader Bags

You know the feeling when you pick up a pile of cards from your collection, each in top loaders and ill-fitted team bags. Things slide around and it’s difficult to hold even a single handful without worrying about crumpling the sides.

It’s a bad scene, right?

With these fitted toploader bags, you can now say goodby to all of that silly nonsense. You can finally enjoy your cards with peace of mind knowing everything looks sharp, protected, and easy to manage and flip through. It’s the great experience that you deserve.

Better enjoy your collection with Radicards® Fitted Toploader Bags

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