Dr. James Beckett Content Creators Roundtable | August 28, 2021 | Ep. 281

Agenda Summary: This is a recording of the Content Creators Roundtable hosted by Dr. James Beckett at the Dallas Card Show on the evening of Saturday August 28, 2021. Join us as we discuss: Characteristics of Content “Stickiness,” Evolution of the Show Attendee Mindset, Parallels and their Impact on Base Card Desirability, What to Expect with the Future of Fanatics, Perceptions of Investing, and a whole lot more.

Attendees: Dr. James Beckett, Founder, Beckett Media; Stephan & Angela Loeffler of About The Cards; Jeremy Allen of Collector’s League; Rich Klein of COMC; James Perez of Elite Hunters; Brian Gray of Leaf Trading Cards; Patrick Greenough of Radicards.com; Geoff Wilson & Kelly Francis of Sports Card Investor; John Keating of That Seventies Card Show; Victor Roman Sr. of The Rookie Card Specialist; Drop-In: Kyle Robertson of the Dallas Card Show

I posed the question,

If you were a third party viewing, or listening to your own content, how much of it would you bookmark for future repeated reference? What about that content makes it “stickier”?

Dr. Beckett led with my question to start the meeting. Other questions were posed by other attendees and we all voted on which ones we wanted to discuss. Here’s what made the cut and the associated time stamps:

Segment Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:03: Content Stickiness
  • 0:14:42: The Future of Manufacturing
  • 0:32:03: The Future of Marketplaces
  • 0:51:33: The Evolution of the Rookie Card
  • 1:12:08: The Perception of Investing

Special thanks to Dr. James Beckett for arranging the meeting, and Kyle Robertson for reserving the room.

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Jim Beckett Promo #FF-JB Dr. Jim Beckett

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