Mike Bacsik 2008 Topps Facsimile Signature Belongs to Someone Else

Mike Bacsik 2008 Topps #133
Mike Bacsik 2008 Topps #133

A friend brought this card to my attention over lunch one afternoon. It got me thinking so I found and bought the depicted card. This is a signed example of the Mike Bacsik 2008 Topps card. As you might already know and as with many Topps releases before it, 2008 Topps features facsimile signatures of the depicted players. Thing is, the facsimile signature on the Mike Bacsik appears to belong to someone else.

The autograph on this card has been authenticated so we know it’s Mike’s real signature. Compare it to the facsimile and you’ll notice they look quite different. The only letter that’s pronounced in similarity is the ‘B’ but the styles are quite different. Meanwhile all other consonants differ significantly and there appears to be a ‘J’ in the facsimile but nowhere in Mike’s name.

If you have any idea whose facsimile signature that is, please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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