2019 Topps Franchise Feats Baseball Cards | Ep. 283

Correction in Dialogue: At 3:22, the Autographs set is covered. It’s not a 30-card set; it’s a 13-card skip-number set.

Frank Thomas 2019 Topps Franchise Feats #FF-7 Red /10
Frank Thomas 2019 Topps Franchise Feats #FF-7 Red /10

Modern flagship Topps sets typically offer a variety of inserts and associated parallels. Since the SRPs on these releases are often on the lower end, insertion ratios of parallel inserts are usually significant. 2019 Topps Franchise Feats is a 30-card set and comes with a variety of parallels and for each of them, the insertion ratios are absolutely insane. If you collect a player in this set, here’s what you’re up against:

  • Base: Inserted at a rate of 1:4
  • Blue: Inserted at a rate of 1:172
  • Black: Print run of 299 and inserted at a rate of 1:345
  • 150th Anniversary: Print run of 150 and inserted at a rate of 1:687
  • Gold: Print run of 50 and inserted at a rate of 1:2055
  • Red: Print run of 10 and inserted at a rate of 1:10,271
  • Autographs: 13-card skip-number set. Only three players have stated print runs: Frank Thomas (10), Johnny Bench (5), and Todd Helton (10). AU inserted at a rate of 1:27,388
  • Platinum: Print run of 1 and inserted at a rate of 1:123,242

Additionally, like many modern Topps releases, 5x7s exist. For this set, there’s a Base /49 and a Gold /10.

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Base301:4 Blaster
Blue301:172 Blaster
Black302991:345 Blaster
150th Anniversary301501:687 Blaster
Gold30501:2055 Blaster
Red30101:10,271 Blaster
Platinum3011:123,242 Blaster
Autograph13Up to 101:27,388 Blaster
5×7 Gold3010
2019 Topps Franchise Feats


Players with Autograph parallels have asterisks next to their names.

Card #Player(s)Card #Player(s)
FF-1Hank AaronFF-16Robin Yount*
FF-2Randy JohnsonFF-17Harmon Killebrew
FF-3Mike Trout*FF-18Mike Piazza
FF-4Cal Ripken Jr.*FF-19Babe Ruth
FF-5Ted WilliamsFF-20Rickey Henderson*
FF-6Ernie BanksFF-21Steve Carlton*
FF-7Frank Thomas*FF-22Roberto Clemente
FF-8Johnny Bench*FF-23Tony Gwynn
FF-9Bob FellerFF-24Buster Posey
FF-10Todd Helton*FF-25Nolan Ryan*
FF-11Al Kaline*FF-26Ken Griffey Jr.*
FF-12Jose Altuve*FF-27Stan Musial
FF-13George BrettFF-28Roberto Alomar*
FF-14Sandy KoufaxFF-29Max Scherzer
FF-15Giancarlo StantonFF-30Even Longoria
2019 Topps Franchise Feats

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