PSA Reinstates Bulk Service Level

As of September 8, 2022, PSAs Bulk service level is back and available exclusively to Collectors Club members. The Bulk option only applies to standard-sized cards so the following types are excluded: tallboys, T3, packs, tickets, jumbos, and dual service grading (card and autograph).1 Here’s the rundown:

Price: $22 per card
Turnaround lead time: 120-150 days
Minimum Order Quantity: 25 cards
Declared value limit per card: $199

Orders are required to be placed in one of the following two submission options: 1995 and older, and 1996 to present. The Bulk option currently represents the lowest cost, regular service level offered by PSA.

To view the current eBay auctions for PSA graded cards, click here.


  1. PSA Opens Bulk Service Level. ↩︎

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