1979 Topps Rocky II #1

1979 Topps Rocky II #1
1979 Topps Rocky II #1

Card of the Week:

1979 Topps Rocky II #1

I found this card and thought it would make a fun Card of the Week. Here are a few reasons why I love this 1979 Topps Rocky II card:

  1. The colors, that yellow and red combo is a staple of the 70’s. This combo is rampant not only in the sports card hobby during that time but also in the comic book world as well. I miss poppy color combo’s like this.
  2. The glazed over expression on Rock’s face. How many ounces do you think he has hidden under that hat of his anyways?
  3. The little red boxing glove with the moderately confusing phrase, “Meet ‘Rocky'”… didn’t we already meet this dood in the first movie?
  4. The ensemble that our hero is sporting in this pic is, well… incredible. The gold chain alone is reason enough to buy this card.
  5. It might require the eye of a tiger to notice but this is card #1 in the set! During the heyday of numerically organizing your cards and then wrapping a rubber band around them, it was always the first and last cards in the sets that were subject to the most damage. This one survived somehow. Keep your rubber bands at the office kids, they’re better used to fling at your boss or co-workers anyways.

Question of the Day:

Which is your favorite Rocky movie?

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