Frank Thomas Official and Unofficial Autographs

Frank Thomas Signature Comparison
Frank Thomas Signature Comparison

This is interesting. Here are two different Frank Thomas autographs on card #3 of the 1993 Leaf Thomas set. The one on the left is official and comes with a certificate of authenticity (COA) while the one on the right comes with nothing at all. I could have the one on the right authenticated (it might be fake) but that wouldn’t make for a very exciting comparison entry now would it? So let’s have a look at what we’ve got here and evaluate something of a comparative analysis between the two autos:

Official (left): This auto is a classic example of a mid 90’s Frank Thomas signature. The characteristics of such are as follows: The start of the F has a bit of a check mark and the top of the F and T is sharp while rounded off at the bases. Both letters are legibly crossed. There’s a hint of writing just after the F to symbolize the rest of his first name. Frank also wrote 35 next to his signature, the F and T are well written and clear.

Unofficial (right): This auto in contrast is a little less pristine. There is no check mark styling to start the F like in the official. There is a sort of rounding of both letter as if written in a hurry (which was likely the case). Much like the official auto, there is a brief hint of text just after the F to characterize the rest of Frank’s first name. Frank also still took the time to write 35 next to his name. Real or Fake?

Question of the Day:

What player do you think has the best looking autograph?

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